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Black Gun, Silver Star:
The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves
by Art T. Burton

Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves appears as one of “eight notable Oklahomans,” the “most feared U.S. marshal in the Indian country.” That Reeves was also an African American who had spent his early life as a slave in Arkansas and Texas makes his accomplishments all the more remarkable. Bucking the odds, Art T. Burton sifts through fact and legend to discover the truth about one of the most outstanding peace officers in late nineteenth-century America – and perhaps the greatest lawman of the Wild West era.

Finalist for the 2007 Spur Award – Best Western Non-Fiction/Biography

Univ. of Nebraska Press, July 2006, Hardcover, 348pp., 0803213387, 978-0803213388
Bison Press, April, 2008, Paperback, 392pp., 0803217471, 978-0803217478

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Black, Buckskin, and Blue:
African American Scouts and Soldiers on the Western Frontier
by Art T. Burton

This book takes an in-depth look at African Americans who were scouts and soldiers on the United States western frontier during the nineteenth and twentieth century. Surprisingly, some degree of Old West law enforcement had a direct relationship with the history of the United States black 9th and 10th Cavalry regiments along with the African-American 24th and 25th Infantry. Art T. Burton has done a good job relating a number of law enforcement actions under taken by these military units. In it, he relates when and how the Buffalo Soldiers pursued outlaws as well as hostile Indians on the western frontier.

Eakin Press, August 1999, Hardcover, 286pp, 1571682953, 978-1571682956
Eakin Press, June 2008, Paperback, 286pp, 1571687866, 978-1571687869

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Black, Red, and Deadly:
Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territories, 1870-1907
by Art T. Burton

Art T. Burton tracks the movement of adventurous African American men across the country’s West before paved roads crisscrossed the nation’s plains. His love of the subject is obvious and his meticulous research unearths multi-layered details of their journeys. His strong foundation of facts allows thoughts to emerge that ought to surface as we revisit this brushed-over era of African American history inextricably entangled with America’s history.

Eakin Press, April 1991, Hardcover, 304pp, 0890157987, 978-0890157985
Eakin Press, August 1994, Paperback, 318pp, 0890159947, 978-0890159941

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